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  Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Legislators Return Monday, August 6 

Let's let them know the animals deserve our best.  Two committees will be hearing important bills starting as early as 10 a.m. Monday, when the legislators return from recess.  If your schedule allows, please call these committees as soon as possible to voice your support of the bills.  At this time, we are supporting all bills on our list.

Bills are listed below in chronological order by hearing date, then priority order by number of animals impacted, length of struggle on the issue (to the best of our knowledge). ALL of the issues need our support, but if your time is limited, we recommend:
  • AB 1775 Offshore drilling (Mon, Sen Appr at 10 a.m.)
  • SB 1017 Drift gillnets (Wed, Asm Appr at 9 a.m.)
  • SB 1487 African species (Wed, Asm Appr at 9 a.m.)
  • SB 1249 Cosmetics testing (Wed, Asm Appr at 9 a.m.)

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Senate Appropriations Committee
Sen. Anthony Portantino, Chair • Sen. Patricia Bates, Vice Chair

Call Senate Appropriations (916) 651-4101

and contact your Senator
Oil rig platform off the California coast
★AB 1775 (Muratsuchi & Limón) - State lands: leasing: oil and gas (offshore drilling)

Tell your legislator that:  In January, 2018, the Trump administration announced a proposal to open up over 90% of U.S. coastal waters to new leases for oil and gas production, including six new leases in the federal waters off of California’s coast.  This expansion increases the risk of oil spills, which endanger the ocean, our environment and wildlife, and our coastline.  This bill would prohibit new oil/gas leases or construction on state tide and submerged lands associated with federal OCS leases issued after January 1, 2018.  PROTECT CALIFORNIA'S PRECIOUS COAST BY VOTING YES ON AB 1775.
★AB 3040 (Nazarian) - Sexual abuse of animals

Tell your legislator that:  Protecting animals, including our pets, from sexual abuse should be an important goal in California and across the nation. Currently the law only prohibits sexual assault with an animal, but not other acts related to sexual assault-a major loophole in the law that has caused local authorities difficulty in achieving convictions. In addition, California's animal cruelty law only applies in cases where there is provable physical injury to the animal. Many acts of animal sexual abuse are filmed and discovered well after the incident occurs, so the requisite demonstrable harm to the animal or medical evidence to substantiate physical injury cannot be recovered. Finally, similar to children and women, animals are trafficked, sold, and traded for sex. Whether it is because of the special bond between pets and humans, or because there is a need to protect those who can't speak for themselves, animal sexual abuse laws are a very important part of keeping our public safe.



—> contact your Senator
★AB 2362 (Rubio, Cervantes) - Safe transportation of dogs and cats

Tell your legislator that:  Animals have suffered severe injury and death from heat exhaustion during transport. Current law does not address minimum care for the transport of pets in a mobile housing unit. This bill will set minimum standards for heating/cooling, ventilation and lighting for the animals while being transported by public animal control agencies/shelters, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals shelters, humane society shelters, or rescue groups.*

*Note: The bill, as introduced, applied as well to "public or private for-profit entities that use mobile housing facilities for dogs or cats," but was amended to apply only to shelters and rescue organizations. (History: In June 2017, a dog allegedly died of heatstroke from being transported in an animal control vehicle in Visalia.)

Businesses, breeders and hunters who use dogs should be subject to the same standards as set forth in the bill. While PawPAC supports AB 2362 as amended, we believe many animals will still be at risk, and we urge legislators to pass one fair standard for all.


BILLS TO BE HEARD as soon as
WEDNESDAY, AUG 8 at 9 a.m.*

Assembly Appropriations Committee
Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, Chair • Frank Bigelow, Vice Chair

Call Assembly Appropriations: (916) 319-2081

and contact your Assembly member

* We're not sure if they'll all be heard on Wednesday at 9, but calling ASAP is best.
Sea turtle caught in a drift gill net
★SB 1017 (Allen) - Commercial fishing: drift gillnets

Tell your legislator that: California is the last state in the U.S. that allows fishermen to use drift gillnets in the swordfish fishery! This particular gear type has been banned in many locations worldwide because of the impacts on marine wildlife. The author stated that estimates from 2001-15 for California record that swordfish gillnets were responsible for the likely deaths of more than 1,300 marine mammals and 140,000 fish and sharks.

SB 1017 will create an incentive for the California swordfish fishing industry to transition away from gillnets to more sustainable gear types such as deep-set buoy systems by establishing a program to buy back state gillnet permits with public and private funds.

200 Organizations on record and hundreds of individuals support SB 1017.
★SB 1487 (Stern) - Iconic African Species Protection Act

Tell your legislator that: This bill is intended to create a legal obstacle to the importation of iconic African trophy species into California. Earth is currently experiencing a sixth mass extinction in the past half-billion years. The current rate of extinction is 1,000 to 10,000 times that of past eras, with dozens of species going extinct every day. Despite the urgency of the situation, we are failing to save even our most iconic species.  Species included in SB 1487 are:
  1. African elephant
  2. African lion
  3. leopard
  4. black rhinoceros
  5. white rhinoceros
  6. giraffe
  7. Jentink’s duiker
  8. plains zebra
  9. mountain zebra
  10. hippopotamus
  11. striped hyena
★SB 1249 (Galgiani) - Animal testing: cosmetics

Tell your legislator that: Animal testing is cruel and unconscionable, especially when it's unecessary!  Alternative methods have arrived. In fact, the European Union now prohibits the importation and sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Just as we take pride in the clean and organic content of our cosmetics, we should insist that the ethical value of our products is also 100% clean.
SB 1138 (Skinner) - Food options: plant-based meals

Tell your legislator that: Most people have the option to prepare at home or bring a meal to work, school or elsewhere that suits our religious, ethical, and dietary needs. Those in an institutional setting such as a licensed health care facility or a state prison do not have that option. While many public institutions already provide vegetarian or vegan options, it is not yet required at hospitals and prisons. Providing a plant-based meal option not only ensures that religious, ethical, or dietary needs are respected, plant-based meals, if properly selected, can also be healthier.
SB 1024 (Wilk) - Animal abuse: mandatory mental health evaluation

Tell your legislator that: Currently, sentencing options for animal abuse crimes are limited and judges are afforded little discretion in appropriate treatment or education for offenders. The link between animal abuse and violence towards humans is well documented. Offenders who display violence towards animals often commit violent acts towards humans whether it be domestic violence, child abuse or—as we saw tragically in Parkland FL this year—mass shootings. This bill would require the court to consider ordering a mental health evaluation and, if necessary, a treatment plan. Early mental health intervention is often the key to stopping the progression and escalation of violent behavior.
SB 1305 (Glazer, Baker & Steinorth) - Emergency medical services providers: dogs and cats: immunity

Tell your legislator that: Current law does not allow personnel of fire districts and other first responder agencies to provide stabilizing, life-saving emergency care to dogs and cats. As a result, some first responders are hesitant to provide assistance due to liability for civil damages, criminal prosecution, or professional disciplinary action.  This bill would provide this form of limited immunity to the provision of basic first aid to dogs and cats. These protections would address any hesitance on the part of emergency medical services providers to provide basic care to dogs and cats encountered in emergency situations.


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