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As of Feb 21

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AB 1080 - Plastic. SUPPORT. California Circular Economy and Pollution Reduction Act. See SB 54 below.
Inactive file.

AB 1999 - Speed limit. OPPOSE. Unless this bill is amended with more detailed language, it would call for the 55mph speed limit to be universally lifted in California, with no replacement limit. This is not safe for humans or animals.
2.06 Referred to Asm TRANS.

AB 2002 - Deforestation. SUPPORT. Retweet This is carried over from Kalra's AB 572 from 2019. Called the California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act, the bill would cause California's public works projects to divest of materials or supplies which were obtained where tropical deforestation occurred on or after January 1, 2021.
2.14 Referred to Asm Accountability & Admin Review

AB 2039 - Mobile slaughter. NO POSITION AT THIS TIME. Adds exemptions for mobile slaughter operators (MSOs) of sheep and goats. In the last two years, MSOs of cattle have been exempted from normal certification. We are not experts in mobile slaughter, so this needs research.
1.28 Introduced.

AB 2059 - Chemical testing on dogs. SUPPORT. Prohibits toxic chemical testing on dogs. Sponsored by HSUS. We support the prohibition of chemical product testing on dogs, but we would like to change the word "dogs" to "animals."
2.14 Referred to Asm JUD.

AB 2117 - Pet stores. SUPPORT. Building on the success of AB 485 and AB 2445 over the last two years, and working toward Governor Newsom's no-kill goal for the state, this bill allows pet stores to sell only dogs, cats and rabbits that were obtained from a public animal shelter! Yes! We support!
2.20 Referred to Asm B&P.

AB 2152 - Pet stores. CONFLICTS with 2117. Offices have been contacted. No pets may be sold in-store. Pet stores may make free adoption space available to rescues and shelters. Puppy mills have masqueraded as "rescues." Who will enforce this and hold the "rescues" accountable?
2.10 Referred to Asm B&P.

AB 2177 - Horse racing safety. SUPPORT. Amends 10 sections of Business & Professions code to promote safety in horse racing. See our tweet.
2.20 Referred to Asm G.O.

AB 2371 - Climate change. SUPPORT. Requires the Strategic Growth Council, by July 1, 2021, to convene a science advisory team of distinguished scientists to guide climate planning and adaptation efforts.
2.18 Introduced.

AB 2403 - Horse racing. Requires CHRB appointments to include a jockey.
2.18 Introduced.

AB 2523 - Youth Hunting Program. OPPOSE. Establishes a program to increase opportunities to hunt big game, upland game birds, and migratory game birds for youth with terminal illnesses and youth who lost a parent in service to the state or country.

AB 2550 - California Conservation Ranching Incentive Program. The program may establish livestock or wild animal(?) grazing contracts with private owners of rangelands, grazing lands, or grasslands that are important for the conservation of grassland birds, soil health, and biodiversity.
2.19 Introduced.

AB 2551 - Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (conversion to open space). SUPPORT. Authorizes the Dept of Parks & Rec to dispose of the portion of the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area known as the “Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area” to permanently preserve that land for conservation purposes, requiring that the land only be sold to a local agency or nonprofit organization for use as a park or other open-space purpose.

AB 2568 - Wildfire/emergency evacuation plan. SUPPORT. Requires cities and counties to require, as a condition for obtaining a kennel license or permit, that the kennel owner submit an animal natural disaster evacuation plan.
2.19 Introduced

AB 2607 - Dept of Fish & Wildlife Ombudsperson. OPPOSE. Retweet. The Ombudsperson would work independently as an intermediary in a confidential process to address public complaints and disputes with the DFW. Requires information provided to the ombudsperson to be protected as confidential, and exempt from public disclosure, including, but not limited to, disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act.
2.20 Introduced.

AB 2610 - Wild mustang prison program. OPPOSE. Retweet. Creates a prisoner rehabilitation pilot program in which inmates are trained to provide care for and train feral horses. A la "The Mustang" by Robert Redford
2.20 Introduced.

AB 2615 - Horse racing post mortem exams..
2.20 Introduced.

AB 2645 - Court advocate for abused animals. SUPPORT. Authorizes a court to appoint an "advocate" to represent the interests of an animal that is the subject of criminal proceedings relating to animal abuse or neglect.
2.20 Introduced.

AB 2691 - Dog trainer and training facility minimum care standards. SUPPORT. Requires dog trainers, facilities and facility operators to provide minimum care standards for dogs, and to maintain a written record on the health, status, and disposition of each dog trained at the training facility.
2.20 Introduced.

AB 2839 - California Deserts Conservancy. SUPPORT. Establishes a 13-member California Deserts Conservancy board to create projects and programs throughout the deserts region, and to make grants and loans to local public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and tribal organizations. Wildlife corridors to benefit the desert tortoise and desert bighorn sheep are among the priorities.
2.20 Introduced.

AB 2888 - Emotional support dogs. NO POSITION AT THIS TIME. Makes a misdemeanor of representing or selling an emotional support dog as being entitled to the rights for guide, signal, or service dogs with a fine of up to $1,000, 6 months in jail, or both. First take: with all the issues out there, we need to make a new crime of this? Are people hurting animals by abusing service dog privileges? Need to get pulse on this. This bill doesn't help animals, but it punishes people.... Write to us!
2.21 Introduced.

AB 3030 - Land and ocean conservation. SUPPORT. Retweet. A plan to conserve 30% of land and 30% of ocean by 2030.
2.21 Introduced.

AB 3071 - Lead ammunition. SUPPORT. Prohibits shooting ranges from selling lead ammunition.
2.21 Introduced.

AJR 26 - Wild horses & burros. SUPPORT. Sponsored by PawPAC—please register your support! This resolution makes a statement for California to uphold the tenets of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, and condemns the roundups by the U.S. Forest Service of California horses in Modoc County, as well as the plans by the BLM to essentially wipe out horses from public lands.
2.04 Introduced.

SB 54 - Plastic. SUPPORT. The California Circular Economy and Pollution Reduction Act, introduced in 2019, would (1) reduce single-use packaging and priority single-use plastic products, and (2) require that all single-use products that are manufactured on or after January 1, 2030, and that are offered for sale, sold, distributed, or imported in or into California are recyclable or compostable, requiring a statewide 75% reduction of the waste by January 1, 2030. Companion to AB 1080. Even though the bill is in the inactive file, the author's office states that the bill will move forward in 2020. Ben Allen statement
1.23 Inactive file.

SB 1041 - Hunting Deer with Dogs Prohibition Act. SUPPORT. Prohibits using dogs to hunt deer.
2.18 Introduced.

SB 1115 - Animal Blood Banks. OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED. Would prohibit the use of animals in closed colonies at commercial blood banks "following the date that ____ determines that an equivalent supply of blood sold in California from captive closed-colony blood banks for animals during ____ is available from community-sourced blood banks for animals." Does not require a transition; has an open-ended timeline for when closed colonies should end. Does not prohibit closed colonies from every blood bank, only the commercial blood banks.
2.19 Introduced.

SB 1175 - Iconic African Species Act. SUPPORT. Retweet. Prohibits the possession of African species and any part, product, or the dead body or parts thereof, including, but not limited to, the African elephant or the black rhinoceros, except for use for educational or scientific purposes. Fines for each violation to be between $5,000 and $40,000. Vetoed 2018 by Gov Brown (SB 1487). We have faith in Gavin Newsom. Please note: giraffes are going extinct, but it came to light late.
2.20 Introduced.

SB 1239 - California Animal Response Emergency System (CARES) program. SUPPORT. Establishes the Animal Care Network in Disasters Fund in the State Treasury to be used solely to support the program, including through an agreement with one or more schools of veterinary medicine.
2.20 Introduced.

SB 1372 - Wildlife and Biodiversity Protection and Movement Act. SUPPORT. Retweet. Promotes wildlife corridors and promotes removing barriers to wildlife movement.
2.21 Introduced.

SB 1405 - Cetaceans. SUPPORT. Retweet. Prohibits holding whales, dolphins and porpoises in captivity for display, performance, or entertainment; prohibits breeding.
2.21 Introduced.



AB 1953 - Blood banks, dogs. SUPPORT anticipated. TANTAMOUNT TO A SPOT BILL. Currently the bill language includes nothing to phase out the closed colony blood banks, where dogs are held captive in cages 24/7. Governor Newsom stated in a veto message for a competing bill that the closed colony practice needs to END. We don't understand why this bill has taken more than a year to create a plan, especially since a plan was provided to the author's office several times.
1.30 Referred to Asm B&P

AB 1974 - Horse/jockey safety. SPOT BILL. WATCH. The author is pro-horse racing and gambling.
1.22 Introduced.

AB 2522 - State Resource Conservation Commission. SPOT BILL. WATCH.
2.19 Introduced.

AB 2574 - Dept of Fish & Wildlife comment period. WATCH. Expands the comment period from 21 calendar days to 21 business days.
2.20 Introduced

AB 2614 - Transportation of animals. SPOT BILL. SUPPORT anticipated.
2.20 Introduced.

AB 2911 - Gambling licenses. SPOT BILL. WATCH The author is pro-horse racing and gambling.
2.21 Introduced.

AB 2938 - Horse betting to benefit "animal welfare." Incomplete language. WATCH.
2.21 Introduced.

AB 2965 - Wildlife resources. SPOT BILL. SUPPORT anticipated.
2.21 Introduced.

AB 3035 - Animals as prizes. SPOT BILL. OPPOSE anticipated.
2.21 Introduced.

AB 3252 - Safe Harbor. WATCH. Extends notice from landowner to DFW to 7 business days. Watch for amendments.

SB 800 - Horse racing safety. SPOT BILL. WATCH. The author is pro-horse racing and gambling.
1.15 Referred to RLS comm.

SB 879 - Horse racing weeks. SPOT BILL. WATCH. The author is pro-horse racing and gambling.
1.29 Referred to RLS comm.

SB 1046 - Endangered Species. SPOT BILL. OPPOSE anticipated. Delisting of species expected.
2.18 Introduced.

SB 1147 - Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area. SPOT BILL. WATCH.
2.20 Introduced.

SB 1178 - CA Exposition and State Fair. SPOT BILL. WATCH.
2.20 Introduced.

SB 1208 - Fish and wildlife take. SPOT BILL. WATCH.
2.20 Introduced.

SB 1248 - Timber harvesting exemptions. SPOT BILL. OPPOSE anticipated.
2.21 Introduced.

SB 1335 - Timber operations. SPOT BILL. SUPPORT anticipated.
2.21 Introduced.

SB 1434 - Horse betting. SPOT BILL. WATCH.