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Nothing is more powerful than the written word - especially when it's written in a law book! The lives of millions of animals can be affected overnight when new laws go into effect every January 1.

PawPAC was created in 1980 as the first organization dedicated to the election of candidates for state office in California who are committed to the protection of animals. Many organizations work to help animals, but PawPAC is unique by helping to make sure that the laws protect ALL animals, whether on farms, in the wild or in our homes.

PawPAC is widely respected in the California State Legislature as effective in helping to elect pro-animal candidates, through endorsements, contributions, and annual voting charts.

PawPAC's Board includes the most experienced lobbyists for animals, with decades of lobbying for better laws to protect animals from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Dean Flores and Eric Mills
PawPac Board Member Eric Mills Presenting
CA Senator of the Year Award for 2009 to Senator Dean Florez (on Rt.)

When laws are written, the stakes are high -

  • Should the elderly be able to have companion pets in their public housing?
  • Should hunters be able to shoot California's mountain lions and bobcats for "sport?"
  • Should farmers be able to brand livestock on the face?
  • Should live animal markets be able to rip the shells off live turtles?
  • Should animal abusers be released with a mere "slap on the wrist?"
  • Should public school students be taught hunting under the guise of "safety"?

There are always powerful organizations lobbying to exploit animals, but the vast majority of Californians support animal welfare. Only when working together through organizations such as PawPAC can we prevail.

Since its inception, PawPAC has given tens of thousands of dollars to candidates for the State Senate, Assembly, and other offices including Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, who share our belief that the laws should protect animals.

Our contributions come from thousands of caring individuals who contribute, on average, modest sums which PawPAC then aggregates for distribution very selectively/strategically to deserving candidates.

PawPAC prepares its annual Voting Chart, which shows constituents how legislators voted on bills affecting animals. Each legislator gets a grade. You can see grades listed in our annual voting records. Thank you for your support!


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