Paw PAC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit political action committee dedicated to the passage of humane laws and election of humane legislators.


Nothing is more powerful than the written word - especially when it's written in a law book! The lives of millions of animals can be affected overnight when new laws go into effect every January 1.


Paw PAC was created in 1980 as the first organization dedicated to the election of candidates for state office in California who are committed to the protection of animals. Many organizations work to help animals, but Paw PAC is unique by helping to make sure that the laws protect ALL animals, whether on farms, in the wild or in our homes.


Paw PAC is widely respected in the California State Legislature as effective in helping to elect pro-animal candidates, through endorsements, contributions, and annual voting charts.


Paw PAC's Board includes the most experienced lobbyists for animals, with decades of lobbying for better laws to protect animals from abuse, exploitation and neglect.


Legislation as of August 1, 2018


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Legislator Voting Chart


PawPAC tracks the votes of all California State Legislators and produces a chart with the letter grade and voting record for the Governor, State Senators and State Assembly Members.


2017 Legislator Voting Chart PDF

2016 Legislator Voting Chart PDF

2015 Legislator Voting Chart html  |  PDF