Paw PAC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit political action committee dedicated to the passage of humane laws and election of humane legislators.


Nothing is more powerful than the written word - especially when it's written in a law book! The lives of millions of animals can be affected overnight when new laws go into effect every January 1.


Paw PAC was created in 1980 as the first organization dedicated to the election of candidates for state office in California who are committed to the protection of animals. Many organizations work to help animals, but Paw PAC is unique by helping to make sure that the laws protect ALL animals, whether on farms, in the wild or in our homes.


Paw PAC is widely respected in the California State Legislature as effective in helping to elect pro-animal candidates, through endorsements, contributions, and annual voting charts.


Paw PAC's Board includes the most experienced lobbyists for animals, with decades of lobbying for better laws to protect animals from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

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Legislator Voting Chart


PawPAC tracks the votes of all California State Legislators and produces a chart with the letter grade and voting record for the Governor, State Senators and State Assembly Members.


Full 2015 Legislator Voting Chart    |     PDF version

Bill tracking & updates by Beverlee McGrath, President

Legislation as of July 7, 2016PDF Version
BELOW is the list of the animal bills currently in the CA legislature.

Please contact your legislator to SUPPORT these bills.

How to contact your legislator:
  • A brief, polite and specific letter or email.
  • Email forms are on your representatives' websites rather than an email address.
  • Assembly members regarding Assembly bills and Senators regarding Senate bills.

In order to locate your California Assembly and Senate districts and legislator, please visit this website: 

Bills that need your help, in order of importance and their pending hearing:
SB 1062 (Lara)SUPPORT

Bans the use of bull hooks, baseball bats and other devices used to inflict pain and instill fear on elephants.  Violation will be a civil penalty only, NOT a crime (in order to avoid another VETO).

STATUS: 6-30 passed Assembly Appropriations 16-2, now on the Assembly floor (it's already passed the entire Senate).

 Track SB 1062
SUPPORT SB 1062:  Tell your legislator that elephants have suffered tremendously at the mercy of inhumane practices by circuses, zoos and traveling exhibits long enough. The bull hook and other devices used to cause pain should be banned.

SB 1114 (Allen) SUPPORT

No gillnet permits will be issued after March 1 31, 2017 and requires the department to revoke certain gillnet permits. Would end the most harmful fishing practice on the West Coast by reducing the number of damaging drift gillnets used to catch swordfish off California's coast and phasing out the remaining few drift gillnet permits. The bill also transitions the industry to the more sustainable deep-set buoy gear. The bill has the potential to save thousands of whales, sharks, sea turtles and other marine animals.

STATUS: Passed Senate Policy cmte 7-2. Amended 5-11 to take affect 3-31-2017.  Held in Senate Appropriations Committee and under submission, may be a dead bill.

Track SB 1114
SUPPORT SB 1114:  Tell your legislator that thousands of unintended whales, sharks, sea turtles and other marine animals are trapped and killed in gillnets yearly. And the gillnets are merely tossed overboard to cause more havoc to ocean life when the fishing boats determine the nets are no longer useful to them.

AB 2269 (Waldron) SUPPORT

The bill would prohibit an animal shelter that accepts animals from the public or takes in stray or unwanted animals from selling, giving, or otherwise transferring a live animal for experimentation or testing. Licensed veterinarians who are training veterinary and/or technician students are exempted.

STATUS: Passed full Assembly 77-0. Amended 4-21. No action on this bill since 6-16. Currently in Senate Judiciary Committee.
 Track AB 2269
SUPPORT AB 2269:  Tell your legislator that animal test information does not extrapolate to humans and alternative processes now available are more reliable. Also stray animals make unreliable research models as they have not had proper nutrition and often suffer from undetectable diseases (not to mention the inhumane aspect of experimenting on an already suffering animal).

AB 797 (Steinorth) SUPPORT

Civil liability. Amended to require animal to be immediately turned over to law enforcement, animal control or human officer, or firefighter. Rescue of Child or Animal from car. Prohibits any civil liability or cause of action against a person for damage to a motor vehicle, if the damage was caused while the person was rescuing or providing care to a minor or animal.

STATUS: Passed Public Safety Comittee 7-0, now on Senate floor. Amended to apply to animals only. Amended to apply to animals only.
SUPPORT AB 797:  Tell your legislator that it is often necessary to provide IMMEDIATE rescue and care for a child or animal when they are locked inside of a motor vehicle - especially during the hottest months of the year. Tragically, there continues to be reports of children (and animals) suffocating inside of a locked car.
AB 1825 (Gordon & Maienschein) SUPPORT

Vicious dogs - definition. This bill would redefine a vicious dog: Any dog, when unprovoked, that inflicts severe injury on or kills a human being. 

SUPPORT AB 1825:  Tell your Assemblymember that it is important to support this bill so that not all dogs that cause injury to people are automatically deemed to be dangerous, seized, and destroyed. By specifically defining "vicious dogs," a greater responsibility is placed on the dogs' owners to prevent injuries from occurring. Dogs seized in fighting busts should not automatically be classified as vicious.
AB 2755 (Gallagher) SUPPORT

This bill would provide for the damages in a civil action for the wrongful and willful taking, possessing, harboring, or transporting of a beehive, for the wrongful and willful removal of bees from their beehive, or for the wrongful and willful killing or destroying of bees.

STATUS: Passed Senate Judiciary 6-0, now on the Senate floor, has already passed the full Assembly.
SUPPORT AB 2755:  Tell your legislator that California has the largest beekeeping industry of any state in the United States (nearly 500,000 colonies of bees). Commercial beekeepers move their hives at least six times each year to pollinate crops or to place them near natural food sources for bees. Nearly three-fourths of the country's documented commercial honeybee crop pollination is conducted in California. In recent months, there has been a significant reduction in honeybee population due to Colony Collapse Disorder and other problems such as poor nutrition due to lack of available "bee pasture," that is, pollen- and nectar-producing flowers. This has created a serious threat to our food supply, and this crisis threatens to wipe out production of crops dependent on bees for pollination.
SB 945 (Monning) SUPPORT

Pet board facilities. Establishes standards and procedures for the care and maintenance of pets boarded at a pet boarding facility, (construction, sanitation, hours pet may be left unobserved, number of pets in an enclosure, availability of food and water).

STATUS: 6-21 passed Assembly Business & Professions Committee 15-0, re-referred to Appropriations Committee. Authorizes city or county to adopt ordinances that establish additional standards and requirements for pet boarding facilities.

SUPPORT SB 945:  Tell your legislator that pet owners who board their pets may be unaware that California law does not establish minimum standards of care for conditions at pet boarding facilities such as quantity of food and water, limitations on the time pets spend in cages, veterinary care, or emergency evacuation plans. Operators of pet boarding facilities need to have clear guidance and help that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of pets. Pet owners need protection for their pets. Unfortunately, in recent years, several incidents of death have occurred at pet boarding facilities that would NOT have occurred if this bill had been in place.
AB 2505 (Quirk) SUPPORT

Euthanasia. With respect to the killing of a dog or cat, prohibits a person from using carbon dioxide gas.


Track AB 2505
SUPPORT AB 2505:  Tell your legislator that it's necessary to close the loophole that exists in the current law that states it is still LEGAL to euthanize an animal with carbon dioxide (CO2).  It can take several minutes for an animal to actually lose consciousness and die by this inhumane method of euthanasia. And infant animals, animals that are ill as well as older animals have been known to take considerably longer - sometimes necessitating that they be put through the chamber twice. Furthermore, since no state agency is responsible for conducting inspections on the chambers that are being used - outdated, and faulty systems are posing health risks to anyone performing the procedure.


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